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So you want to lose a little weight but your not sure how to do it. There are so many conflicting articles and media post that you are not sure whether to reduce carbs, reduce fat or calorie count. Here are some simple tips to implement. Then let the weight loss happen naturally and not […]

So you want to lose a little weight but your not sure how to do it.

There are so many conflicting articles and media post that you are not sure whether to reduce carbs, reduce fat or calorie count.

Here are some simple tips to implement. Then let the weight loss happen naturally and not too fast.

1. Breakfast – now most posts will tell you to eat breakfast. I’m saying it’s up to you.

If you don’t feel hungry and prefer not to eat breakfast, that’s fine, as long as you aren’t starving and then bingeing at lunch. I don’t normally eat before I train at 7am or may have a banana, but I may eat breakfast at weekends when I’m not up so early. My days differ, and so does my breakfast.

If you eat breakfast make sure it is healthy. No sugary Frosties or coco pops. Try fruit salad or porridge to fill you up.

2. Exercise. You need to exercise in order to burn off calories. Allow your muscles to get stronger and burn more  calories for you. Don’t just do cardio and steady cardio. Do some sprints, hills, intervals in your cardio workouts.

Be more active. If you just start walking more your body will be burning more calories and getting fitter too. Don’t get the bus or car if you can walk to work or town. Why not cycle? Take the kids for cycle rides too and make it fun by having a picnic in the park on the ride. Get out more in the fresh air and movie more and you won’t even notice your body changing. If you don’t change your body won’t.

You need to also incorporate weights into your exercise regime. 2-3 weight sessions a week and 3-5 cardio sessions of 30mins cardio hit the guidelines.

3. Lift heavy weights when in the gym. If you are lifting 2kg dumbbells and knocking out 20 reps or more, the weight is too light. Lifting heavy will not make a women bulky it will just burn more calories and make you look a lot more defined quicker. For me this is going to increase your muscle strength and therefore burn more fat and make you feel more confident.

This is why I use weights that by 6-8 reps I’m really struggling. If you can reach 15 reps take the weight heavier. If you do not push your body when exercising it will not change. Have fun and feel strong!!

4. DO NOT AVOID CARBS! Please please. This is my biggest point.

Your body needs fuel and carbs provide 4calories per gram which is less than half of fat which is 9calories. I would however suggest reducing sugary carbs like crisps, chocolate, cake and white pasta/bread etc. Have healthy carbs to fill you up like potatoes, rice and wholewheat bread and pasta. These are going to fill you up for longer. The reason people think carbs are bad is because of the sugary carbs, but not all are bad. So when people give up carbs they don’t have the sugary carbs but they also deprive there body of starchy carbs and that’s why they feel they have no energy. It’s because they are not eating the energy providing foods. Therefore your body won’t last long and when you go back to eating all carbs again your weight increases because of the sugar hit. Starchy carbs please guys, no depriving your body of its energy, your going to need it for your gym workouts.

5. Sleep. You need sleep so your body can repair from the workouts and the day. If you lack sleep your hormones don’t regulate and this can lead to hunger cravings. Coffee and sugary snacks are not enough to keep your body functioning properly. So cut the caffeine out or do not have caffeine 6 hours before bedtime and sleep 6-8 hours if you can. If you have trouble sleeping nutritional therapy can help and this Is a service I provide so please contact me.

6. Stressing about the scales. Throw them out!

Yes we all get a little obsessed with the scales when losing weight but if your going to be lifting heavier weights, your muscle is going to get a little bigger to burn the fat. Therefore (because muscle weighs more than fat) the scales will go up. This doesn’t mean they won’t go down. It just means you need to look at your body and how it looks, moves, and feels before quitting because the scales may have not gone down as much as you thought. For years we were all told to be under 9stone or 10stone for our heights etc. This is old fashioned. Women are looking amazing and are weighing more than these numbers but they don’t care. They are not skin and bone, they are healthy and fit and defined. If you want muscles to look defined you need to build them. This is going to burn more fat for you but you may put a little muscle weight on, therefore throw the scales out. Use your clothes, pictures and health as a guide.

7. Diet drinks. These are not so good for you. Yes they contain less calories than the original sugar packed drinks, but they are artificial still. Sweeteners are added to replace sugar and the drinks can be bad for your teeth and still leave you with sugar cravings as the sweetness of the drinks makes you want more. Try having flavoured water instead using fruit. Or just drink water. If you are dehydrated your body needs water, not a fizzy drink. Water hydrates skin, hair and is needed for processes in the body. Drink 2litres a day and a little more if you exercise and sweat.

8. If you struggle to workout alone then get a friend to join in or get a personal trainer. Having someone else to commit to makes motivation easier, and quitting harder. Having a friend join you in the  gym makes it more enjoyable and the time go quicker. Having a personal trainer is great too as they motivate you, and give you all the exercises and tips so you don’t have to worry about what you are going to do. Personal trainers are also great to talk to and make the sessions fun and ensure your on track to meet your goals.

9. Eating out. You can eat out but just choose healthy options. Ask for salad with no dressing. Choose rice over chips etc. Be healthier and your body will thank you for it. For more info please see my other posts or contact me to ask a question.

10. Reduce alcohol intake. Calories in alcohol is 7cal per gram and is empty calories. Meaning you cannot burn it off, it has no nutritional quality, and is basically just adding to your daily calories. Reducing alcohol will help your weight loss goals by reducing the calories you are taking in. Please see my post on alcohol for more info. You won’t be losing any weight if you continue to drink a glass or two of wine a night.


I hope these tips help you. As always if you have any questions or want some guidance for personal training or nutrition. Contact me liannemilner88@gmail.com


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