Lockdown diaries 2020

Wow what a year it’s been so far. All the way back in February when we starting hearing (or I started hearing) about this virus I would have never thought we would have gone into lockdown. I had innocently thought it would all be ok and it wouldn’t affect my little world. How I was […]

Wow what a year it’s been so far.
All the way back in February when we starting hearing (or I started hearing) about this virus I would have never thought we would have gone into lockdown. I had innocently thought it would all be ok and it wouldn’t affect my little world.

How I was wrong.

As a Personal trainer running my own business, Iv never had to think on my feet and adapt so quickly in such unprecedented times. Iv surprised myself and not had the reaction I thought I would. I am usually a worrier and can suffer with anxiety and this was something that might have triggered me. But I remained calm and realised I can only control what I can. The rest is out of my control.

Back in March the gym started to thin out, shops shelves were looking more bare and by mid March I nearly cried when I went into a very empty tesco. Having only seen these sights on the internet I couldn’t believe my eyes. I taught my last class on Friday 20th March, some having already been cancelled and lots of instructors voluntarily not teaching anymore. That evening the gym shut and I went into Auto pilot. Messaging clients and communication has been key to keep my business running and myself sane. I knew what to do regarding my own gym sessions and also my clients. I decided to train people outside, thinking this would be fine till the gym opens up again in a few weeks. I could hold on till then if needed. Right?! Wrong!

Monday 23rd March 2020

Lockdown has begun! Boris announces in the evening that we must go into lockdown. I had read about other countries and their lockdowns and in all honesty I think we got away lightly. I was able to still run (despite worrying I wouldn’t be able to, or I would get stopped and fined etc). We were able to get food and we were able to walk ted and get some fresh air.

Most importantly I was able to still work.
I think the thing that il take away from lockdown for me the most was the dedication of my lovely clients. I had communicated before we might have to do FaceTime sessions but I didn’t think we would have to, I thought I would be able to train them face to face outside. But I’m glad I did. The response I got was amazing. I had gone from thinking I might be twiddling my thumbs for weeks on end to working every day. I’m so so grateful to have been able to do this.

My lovely client Matt was my first guinea pig for FaceTime session and he was very helpful and encouraging. I knew then that I could do this. I spent the first week changing everyone’s session plans over to home plans, based on what equipment they had. From there we have all worked together, adapted and changed and continued towards our goals. Some people’s goals changed due to covid, some didn’t. Iv very much enjoyed every session, every laugh, every bean can and chopped tomatoes we have used as weights. We have had the dogs involved, kids and even partners saying hi. Iv loved being part of someone’s life in lockdown.

I live 3.5hours (on a good run, no traffic) away from my family. Iv not seen some of them since Feb, and my nana since January. I have missed them terribly but I have had my fitness family to keep me going. I’m forever grateful to them for that.

Iv kept my own routine up, my training sessions have been great, and Iv actually enjoyed the change to my own sessions. Change is good sometimes for the body and soul. Exercise is always there for me, through the good and the bad times. It doesn’t care what i look like, how i feel, or judge me, but it always makes me feel better.

Lock down run

There has been some real positives during lockdown, one big one being that I have spent more time with my amazing husband.

Iv learnt a lot during lockdown.
I wanted to share my list of positives from lockdown 2020

  1. Iv finished work at least an hour earlier than I would have in the gym due to clients working from home.
  2. I have changed my fitness routine up and felt the benefits from It.
  3. I have learnt how to use Zoom and set up my own classes. I now can do online classes and have a repeat set of classes I do each week.
  4. I have now delivered multiple Pt sessions via FaceTime / video and feel confident to offer this as a service permanently
  5. I have tried lots of vegan foods and have new staple meals in my life
  6. We have explored so much more of the area around us for dogs walks. We have had some fab doggy walks and rides.
  7. I have learnt not to take some things for granted. Like toilet roll, beans and chopped tomatoes being available.
  8. I have learnt I don’t need the gym as much as I thought I did, I can workout at home just as effectively.
  9. I like running in the rain apparently. Who knew when a treadmill has always been there.
  10. I have been able to shower in a decent shower everyday. My own. Not the gyms Spray excuse for a shower.
  11. I have eaten my evening meal with my husband every night.
  12. I have also eaten my evening meal at 7pm most nights not 8pm or 9pm like I used to.
  13. I have had the chance to read so much more during lockdown. Iv completed some good books.
  14. I have enjoyed bike rides so much during lockdown. Quiet roads and head space, aswell as a great way to get the heart rate up and get a good workout in.
  15. Iv really enjoyed doing home videos and home classes via Facebook live and zoom, recording videos and live also.
  16. My running has improved with the added time to train and no gym or treadmill. Iv been forced to go out in all weathers and definitely gained the benefits.
  17. Who my friends are. I really missed my weekly walks and chats with Amanda and just being able to meet up. My lovely clients are also friends and Iv been really lucky to have such wonderful people in my life still in lockdown.
  18. Lockdown family quizzes. Still not bloody won one 😂 great way to see the distant in laws though and we have had a giggle.
  19. Time to study. Managed to finish another course. Performance enhancement specialist 🤩
  20. Not to take life and health for granted. It’s been scary out there and the positive being we haven’t luckily got it. That’s what lockdown was all about. Staying safe. We are healthy young people me and Joe. But still. Lockdown has kept us safe and we are able to keep healthy.

We will all remember lockdown and our experiences differently. Iv found it a positive experience. Hopefully a once in a lifetime experience too.

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