Tips for fitness success

Tips for your fitness success. Visualise success Have a clear image in your head of how you want to look or perform. Role models are good but make sure they are similar build to you, so achievable. Visualising success helps you to be more motivated, and helps to keep you on track. This is great […]

Tips for your fitness success.

Visualise success
Have a clear image in your head of how you want to look or perform. Role models are good but make sure they are similar build to you, so achievable. Visualising success helps you to be more motivated, and helps to keep you on track.
This is great for runners who are doing an event, visualising passing the finish line. This feeling of achievement drives you through the pain barrier.
Imagining yourself in a lower size dress/jeans, or even at your wedding can keep you on track and resist temptations.

My last half marathon was super hilly and I got to the stage where I wanted to walk but I visualised myself crossing the finish line and told myself to keep going or I would be disappointed when I finish. This helped me to keep going and I made it, il now use that knowledge I can do it next time I struggle.

Create a motivational environment
A warm gym in the winter can be a more motivating environment than say a wet dark park to run around. If a class environment is more motivating for you with friends and people around than exercising alone, then book onto more classes. Having a more positive atmosphere will encourage you to stay on track.
A place with no mirrors (if you feel self concious when looking into them) maybe more motivating for you.
Maybe you want to exercise at home with music and your own company, if that’s more motivating for you then do it.
There is no point in putting yourself into an uncomfortable environment to get fit if can do it in a comfortable one. This is why some people have personal trainers go to there home like I do. Then when my clients are ready or want to join a gym they have my support/encouragement and confidence (from home sessions) to join a Gym.


Classes can help to motivate you. You can do them with friends, on your own, or with your partner. Classes will have people like you there. You may make friends too. Having an instructor that’s motivating and a good instructor really helps you to get the most out of the exercise. The instructor will push you, make sure your doing it correctly and make the class fun. Pick a class you feel you will be ok to do, don’t go to a spin class if never been to classes before, it may scare you off. Try a toning or circuits class first. If you suffer with joint stiffness then a Pilates or yoga class is a good place to start. It won’t increase your fitness levels, as you will need cardiovascular training for that, but it will increase your confidence and flexibility. Allowing easier joint movement when training and preventing injury.

Music 🎶
Music is a great motivator. You can be about to quit when your favourite song comes on and energises you to carry on that little longer.
Choose a Gym playlist that has all your favourite songs. If you go to classes try them all till you find the one that you really like.

Partner up

Having a partner to exercise with is so much more fun and motivating. It can be a friend or your partner. If they go you go, you keep each other motivated. Having a friend to drag you when your not motivated is great as it will make you go when you would have normally quit. You can chat to them whilst exercising and is a bigger draw than exercising alone.

Monitor your progress

Make sure you take before photos, measurements and weight. Then you can monitor your progress along the way. This can be so motivating as you see your body change. Otherwise how do you know it’s all doing you any good?

Vary workouts

You need to mix up your workouts. Otherwise you and your body will get bored. You body won’t change if it gets used to the same workout.
You can either do the same plan 3 -4times a week but increase the weights and levels by week 4 and 8 and then change the programme completely after 12 weeks. By then you will definitely want a change but should have also seen a change in Fitness and reached your goal.
Do upper and lower body days each week doing 1-2 of each and cardio. By doing this your other body area gets a rest and is good for those that go to the gym 4+ days a week.
Change the exercises you do each time you exercise to keep your body guessing in a week and then repeat the following week or fortnightly.
Again for those that train often.

Hire a personal trainer
Having a personal trainer can help to motivate you hugely. You cannot quit, they will push you and encourage you way beyond your usual limits. They will make sure you do everything correctly. You can have a personal trainer come to the house, and then when you want to they can help you get to the gym. Some people prefer exercising at home and that’s fine you don’t have to go to the gym at all. Personal trainers have such a large exercise knowledge they can give you exercises you didn’t think existed to help you not get bored at home.
Programmes can be hard to find and one that’s tailored for you is important. This can be done by a personal trainer.

Reward yourself
When you set a goal you need to break it down into more manageable chunks. Eg. 1 stone weight loss
In a week lose a 1-2lb
Aim in a month to lose 4lb-6lb
3months 1stone weight loss.

Reward yourself when you hit the smaller targets to keep you motivated.
Don’t reward yourself with food.
Reward yourself with something that your body deserves, like a massage, a pedicure or a spa day.
When you reach your goal have a shopping trip to buy some clothes that now fit, or a pamper day for you and your partner. That way your reward won’t ruin your hard work (like a food blow out).
Food shouldn’t be seen as a reward, that’s why people get into trouble with there weight in the first place.
“It’s been a hard day at work I deserve a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine.”
Food should be fuel for your body to survive and healthy food can be tasty. Feed your body the nutrients it needs to fight disease, live longer and healthier.

With all these tips you should find your motivation at an all time high.
Smash your goals this year!
Go get em….


As always if you need any help or information regarding personal training or nutrition contact me.

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