Are your friends and family sabotaging your goals?

“Go on it’s only one biscuit” “You can have one it’s not going to hurt.” “You can skip your workout today you have been there this week already.” “One meal isn’t going to hurt you have been to the gym today you deserve a break.” “I have ordered takeaway it’s much easier, don’t mind do […]

“Go on it’s only one biscuit”

“You can have one it’s not going to hurt.”

“You can skip your workout today you have been there this week already.”

“One meal isn’t going to hurt you have been to the gym today you deserve a break.”

“I have ordered takeaway it’s much easier, don’t mind do you?”

Sound familiar?

There has been proof that your friendship group can influence your lifestyle and your weight.

If your friends are slimmer and eat healthily your more likely to be aswell.

If your friends are over weight and eat unhealthily it is more likely you will be aswell, and it will be harder for you to embark on a new fitness routine.

If your friends are health freaks and go to the gym, eat healthy and have healthier lifestyles, you will be more likely to do the same. You will feel that you should follow your friendship groups influence and get fitter too. You may not feel this straight away but when your friends go to the gym and say how great they feel, you will feel there influence. This is positive influence, making a positive change to your lifestyle.

Get your friends to come to the gym and embark on the fitness / health journey with you. Support each other and this will not only help you succeed, but strengthen your friendship. Be each others gym buddy and strength, you will need each other. You can both get a PT who will encourage you both further and make sure your doing things correctly, offering support and guidance to you both. If you find anything daunting or hard your friend is there with you.

How much more fun is it when you have a friend to go to the gym with or to do a fitness class? How much more likely are you to go to that class if your friends go too? I find people that come to my classes all get along and have fun whilst there, making or taking friends with them too. These people seem to come more often to my classes than those who turn up alone. I try to make my classes fun and participants feel part of a team. Which makes them feel more comfortable and more likely to want to come back.

On the flip side if your friends all ate their lunch from an unhealthy food chain or went for curry nights and choose unhealthy choices will you not be influenced by that? Negative influence. Would you fear being left out or not having things in common with them if you suddenly started changing your behaviour. I’m sure you might feel a little like that, and even look to make friends that go to the gym or the same class as you. This is because you want to have friends that you have more things in common with and support. It’s not easy embarking on a healthy lifestyle. You need friends that can help and back you up when you are having an off day. You want to feel good and have friends that help you feel good not hinder your progress or make you feel abnormal. If you wanted to go to a fitness class and they were all getting Chinese in would you not go? Would you miss out on the Chinese and go to the class? Or do both…. making the class and then having Chinese for tea which still isn’t much help to your healthy lifestyle. You compromise though and think the class will burn off the Chinese. Wrong. But your trying to please yourself and your friends and not wanting to miss out. Then you wonder why in a few weeks why your not losing weight. A PT will help and guide you on these situations and arm you with the knowledge and ways to deal with hurdles. How maybe you can get your friends to help you and join in.

Your more likely to eat more calories when surrounded by unhealthy meals. Think about when you go out for meals and if you are influenced more by your family and peers. Are you able to say no to them and if not why? Do you feel that you will fit in better if you go along with them? This is going into more depth but will help to psychologically think about your choices and the reasons behind them. This can help you to make changes to your thought process when conflicted.

If you were out with a group who all ordered salads and were slim would you be the only one to order a burger? Same the other way around, would you be the only one to order the salad when your friends are enjoying a burger and chips!?

I would but my family and friends all know that I am a health freak and I don’t have burgers and fries. My family even go as far as buying me my favourite food for when I go to stay. I never have to worry about the food that will be available. My family are very supportive and I am very lucky they encourage my lifestyle and appreciate the work I put into my health and my business.

You can have this aswell. Get your friends and family on board with you, most people would like to eat a little better and exercise a little more they may need your encouragement.

If your constantly fighting against people trying to sabotage your health and choices how will you succeed? Are you strong enough to go it alone or stand by your choices and not be influenced? Can you convert them to your way of thinking and get them onboard?

You can be more aware of this from now on, trying to surround yourself with people who will help not hinder your goals.

Be strong, be you and be healthy.

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