I love my job as a Personal Trainer and I believe that comes across in my sessions and when people meet me.

I love to inspire and motivate others as i believe exercise can help us all in one way or another.

I enjoy passing my passion onto others and below are some of my client reviews on just how I managed to help and inspire them.

Beki Testimony

I started with lianne with the thought of losing a bit of weight and gaining a bit of knowledge about how to use the gym. We were also in the middle of a pandemic and it seemed a good way to pass the time. Before our sessions I would walk into the gym, immediately feel like a fraud and jump on the treadmill because the weights and machines scared the living daylights out of me. Now I walk in and feel like I belong, I have a routine, know what’s to use and how to use it and that is such a great tool to take away with me. Not only have I lost weight and toned up a little, but I have gained confidence and a friend. Lianne is such a ray of sunshine (even when she’s telling you to do more press ups) her positivity is infections and I will miss having our weekly sessions of laughter and excercise now that I’m moving away. If you are on the fence about getting a PT, in the words of Nike, just do it! You won’t regret it and lianne is amazing.

Danielle Jones

The last 6 months have been hard and fun. Back when I started with Lianne my main goal was to feel healthier, gain strength in my weak joints and lose a little weight came with that given I was hitting for obesity. When choosing a PT i picked Lianne because of a posture post she had written and I didn’t want to have an injuries as I couldn’t miss work.

My weight when I started was 13st and 2-3lbs, my weight now is 11st 6lbs, and my BMI is nearly in the green 😁. I am so pleased with not only the weight loss but the muscle and joint impact. My size 16 work pants don’t fit anymore and my size 14 are becoming loose.

I had up days and down days but this isn’t short term this is a lifestyle change for me so I suspect there will be more up days and down down but my lifestyle has changed. The MyFitnessPal that Lianne recommended downloading on day 1 to calorie count, I didn’t, I only installed in Feb, nearly 2 months into starting, and this was a big set back as I thought I knew it all and I was keeping under on food, turns out I couldn’t have been and it’s scary the calories in many little quick snacks.

With good posture and still cracking knees, but stronger, I will continue until I’m in the middle of that green bar, with confidence in the exercises I’ve been taught/shown.

Once again, thank you Lianne.

I had no before pic, seems I was more insecure than I thought but my friends tell me the weight loss is very evident in my face and I found 1 of them.



Christine Moorby

The weight was creeping on and I was struggling to get up even the smallest of hills.

I had reached the age of 60 and was wearing rather tight size 14 clothes and knew if I did not do something about it I would end up

feeling very unhappy about myself. So I got off my big bum and joined Pure gym and went to a pilates class where I met Lianne.

Best thing ever. Lianne took me on as a client and we worked to get me fit with the bonus of losing weight.

I also have a painful dropped shoulder and Lianne has used her expertise to lift the shoulder and strengthen it, so I am now pain free.

I am now, if I say so myself, a rather sexy slim size 10 – happy days.

Best of all, hills and hundreds of steps do not bother me, I’m up there with the best of them.

Thanks Lianne for all your support and motivation week in and week out, I feel better now than I did 20 years ago, says it all really.

Janice Winch 2019

It has come as a bit of a shock to me that us older people (and grandparents in my case) have got to get our act together and basically get fitter than we have ever been.
My wonderful and very patient PT, Lianne, has made me realise that I can live an even more active and fulfilling life if I build more muscle mass, stretch more and keep my weight down. This became evident when I went on my own to a Snow Patrol concert-I queued for 3 hours, stood for the whole concert and jumped up and down like an idiot (not the usual behaviour of a 64 year old, as my children tell me!).
I would have been so disappointed if my body had let me down, and Lianne has made sure that I have become stronger.
I have also realised that I can carry my grandchildren around, lift them in and out of car seats, crawl about on the floor with them and generally enjoy my life more.
So get moving, motivated and get lifting the weights-Lianne will devise the perfect programme for you.

Amy Thorntons Bio

I have been working with Lianne for around two years now and can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with regards to my health and happiness.

I’ve always been a serial yo-yoer, with my weight fluctuating by a couple of stone every year or two. A new job with long hours meant my life had become very sedentary, and I felt I had very little time and energy for exercise. Add to this a fairly unhealthy relationship with food and the weight was piling on again.

In January 2016 I joined PureGym with all the same good intentions I’d had countless times before. The difference this time was that I met Lianne and signed up to some personal training sessions with her. I’m now three stone lighter and in better shape than I have ever been, but more importantly, I’m fitter, healthier, more confident and much happier. Having Lianne there every week to hold me accountable and support me has really been the game changer for me, plus it has made exercise so much more enjoyable.

One of the key things that Lianne has worked on with me is my mindset – I now understand that making long-term lifestyle changes is the most important thing, rather than short-term quick fixes through fad diets etc. In fact, I don’t consider myself as on a “diet” at all – I haven’t “banned” certain foods, but rather have them in moderation and just exercise more self-discipline. I used to have big blow-outs when I’d go on holiday and undo all the work I’d put in, but when I go away now, of course I’ll still put on a pound or two, but nowhere near as much as I used to. What’s changed is that I know that I don’t need three courses every time I go out for a meal and I certainly don’t need a dessert every time either. But importantly, I know that if I do have something unhealthy, I need to work a bit harder in the gym that week, and I make sure it is definitely worth the calories beforehand!

In terms of exercise, this has become such a key part of my routine and I do feel more lethargic if I skip a couple of days in the gym. It has been a gradual process – starting off going to the gym three days a week, increasing this to five, increasing the length of time of my workouts and finally being more active at the weekends. Lianne has guided me the whole way, always providing support and a variety of workouts so that I feel comfortable, confident and motivated enough to have a good work out when I’m in the gym on my own. She always takes your individual needs into consideration, whether that be working to strengthen my back, or setting clear, tangible goals for my running. Plus, we always have such a laugh!

This has all meant that my weightloss has been slower than in the past, when I could lose a stone in eight weeks, but this way has been much steadier and sustainable – two years later and I’m still going strong!

Sarah Rushton Testimonial

Lianne has been my personal trainer for about 15 months now. Where do I start? There are so many positive things to say about her.
She has a unique approach and makes training fun, it changes every week. She is very careful to find out exercises that I like and not to repeat ones that I don’t. She has an ability to make me work hard without my noticing as I enjoy our sessions and we have so much fun together. She is punctual and super flexible with appointment times, always bubbly and easy to be around. After every session I feel great and ready to face the day ahead.
This last year whilst Lianne has been training me my weights have increased and the length of time I am able to do exercises for also. I am stronger and leaner and definitely feel the benefits of my weekly sessions. I have also lost a stone! Lianne’s dedication and positive attitude towards me has motivated me to get fitter and fitter.
Thank you Lianne and I look forward to our sessions going forward.
Sarah Rushton

Neil Lost an incredible 3 stone


I first met Lianne at a gym induction 8 months ago in Pure Gym in Northwich, I must admit I felt quite out of my depth being you could say quite out of shape and fitness, I knew that just tipping up to the gym I would soon loose interest and motivation.

I found out Lianne held the Pilates classes I had a small induction with Pilates and really liked what it had to offer, I have four collapsed disks in my lower back, Lianne has worked with me from a very unfit state and strengthened my back and core muscles,  the change in my day to day life style is unbelievable. I now do regular spin and Pilates classes and my Taylor made routines that Lianne puts together for me.

On a personal note Lianne is a very motivational helpful personal trainer whos knowledge of mindfulness and well being is outstanding.

Lianne has now helped me to loose 3 stone I can’t believe it to be honest, I would highly recommend her.

Neil Robinson

Emma’s endurance, fitness  and motivation for events keeps growing.

Lianne has been my personal trainer for the past 12 months and I’d recommend her unreservedly. 

Thanks to her, she has turned me from a person who could barely run to the end of the road, to someone that, within the matter of a few months, could complete a 6km obstacle course with ease.

Her passion, knowledge and confidence in my ability has enabled my running and fitness goals to exceed any expectations I initially set out with. So much so, that in the months following the 6km race, I was able to complete a 8.5 mile running event and a 15km obstacle course. Twelve months on from our initial session, she is now training me for a marathon!

The key thing to say is that I very much look forward to our training sessions. Each one is tailored specifically to my goals, gradually increasing my fitness levels to ensure I meet my targets in a challenging but injury-free way. Knowledge is continually passed on, helping me understand what I need to focus on and how to get the most out of the limited time I have to train.

Most importantly, her sessions are fun, which is such a key factor for me. I have a  fad-type personality, but it’s credit to her as a person and a trainer that I still have so much enthusiasm and motivation. She has turned me into a runner and the proud sense of achievement I have because of that is second to none. 

Emma Newman

Anna needed to improve her back strength, core and fitness.

Lianne was my Tutor at the Devizes Leisure Centre on a numerous Pilates Courses.  I started on an 8 week pilates course and I actually kept signing up for the course repeatedly and went for 4 years, I would still be going to her classes if Lianne had not moved from Wiltshire.  The pilates courses Lianne put together were so professional, planned and well delivered and Lianne was just brilliant!   I had chronic back pain at the time and she took great care to ensure everything I did benefitted my back and she helped me make it get stronger and stronger.  Lianne is highly experienced and has so much knowledge of fitness both as a personal trainer and running all kinds of fitness courses.  She cares so much about supporting the whole class and getting to know everyone so they get the best from every session, I guarantee she will make any course you do the best fun ever!  She worked us hard so we benefitted from every lesson and loved her to bits for being so caring and supportive too.

I also had sessions with Lianne as a Personal Fitness Trainer and she designed great sessions that fitted my fitness levels perfectly and that always drove me to improve my fitness.  Her enthusiasm and fun for fitness courses and training is wonderful, she is inspiring to everyone in the class and makes exercise the best fun ever!
Anna Sherman 2016

Tracey’s over 50 get fit push.

I have known Lianne Milner for 5 years.  Having first met her when I attended a Pilates Fitness class in Devizes, she was teaching.  I enjoyed the class and soon starting attending Aquafit and other class’ which Lianne was teaching at the local sports centre.
Over the following few months, I continued on my post 50 fitness drive and went along to her additional sessions even surprising myself by going to the circuit training class.  I found the classes to be fun but also effective and started noticing the changes I was looking for and in my overall level of fitness.  Lianne’s was excellent with her instruction and leadership but also varying exercises week by week so no one was bored.  She has ability to identify those who needed extra words of wisdom so everyone got most of out the class.
In late 2011, I ask Lianne if she’d become my personal trainer.  These sessions continued at least weekly in my house, until she left Devizes for Cheshire.  I really appreciated the additional focus of areas I needed to work on but her encouragement to push me each week to achieve more and more.
During the time I have known her I have admired her work ethic and professional approach to everything she does.  She is determined both for herself and her clients.  Her ability to connect to people of all ages is important part of her ability in teaching her classes.  She is effective, reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending her and providing this reference.
Yours faithfully,
Tracey Rose