Is this you?

Look ok at these two images….   Now although these are funny to some, it is true. You may see them and think ‘that’s me!’ If so you need my help! why? Because you are never going to reach your goal this way. This is a nasty cycle of dieting, where you feel too deprived so […]

Look ok at these two images….


Now although these are funny to some, it is true.

You may see them and think ‘that’s me!’

If so you need my help! why? Because you are never going to reach your goal this way.

This is a nasty cycle of dieting, where you feel too deprived so binge on unhealthy fatty foods.

Later you feel guilty or annoyed you have come “off the wagon”. You then punish yourself by ‘dieting.’

Starting off ok but it just keeps repeating as something throws you off or someone.

This isn’t the way to live your life or going to help you much.

So let me help.

In order to lose weight you need burn more calories than you eat.


You need a certain amount amount of calories (BMR) to keep you body functioning, then you need calories for energy. If your starving yourself your body will store fat for energy so it’s important you eat right.


You need a balanced diet of carbs, fats and protein. You need to eat plenty of fruit and veg for your vitamins and minerals (antioxidants and phytochemicals to fight disease, help growth and keep cells healthy).

If you lack any of the essential nutrients your body will not function at 100% and you may experience symptoms from headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, sugar cravings and many many more. (To see if your symptoms can be helped try nutritional therapy. I can assess your symptoms and provide you with a nutrition plan to help).

If you diet by eliminating a macro nutrient (carbs, fat or protein) your body will crave it as it’s being starved of its energy sources. Instead choose healthy options of these like brown bread, chicken and lean meats and healthy fats like oils and avocado.

Make changes

1. When we want to lose weight we think salads are the only option, it isn’t. You need to change the way you eat to lose weight yes, but that doesn’t mean boring meals. Salads are a great option, but if you purchase salads when out, they can have hidden fats like dressing, croutons and mayo, that are sabotaging the healthy salad. Some dressing can add up to 450calories to a salad. Make your own or choose dressing on the side.

2. You need to stop thinking of it as a diet, it is a healthier eating plan. Get excited about a new healthier you. If you start hating every meal you will not stick to it. Make things exciting. You can do this by choosing things you like and making your own meals. Make a different meal at least three times a week don’t repeat meals too often it can get boring quickly.

3. You also need to be strong and say no to takeaways or your previous unhealthy habits. Choose healthier options you can enjoy instead. Eg homemade curry. I prefer my homemade curry now to takeaways. Try it, look on my recipes page here Healthy eating tips

4. Keep active. Sitting all day or having only 2 or 3 days at the gym a week isn’t enough. The national health guidelines is at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or fast walking every week, and strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms). That’s just for HEALTH. Not fitness.

Are you doing enough?

5. Think about why you previously loved your old bad foods. Was it because not only did it taste nice it comforted you? Did you really feel you had nourished your body with what it needed after sweet potato fries and a burger? Surely not!? Your body needs you to put healthy foods in, in order to be healthy and function properly to burn excess fat. If you put lots of processed food in, your body becomes sluggish, you feel sluggish and therefore your energy expenditure is less.

Eat better, feel better, move better.

6. You can make your own healthy meals. I’m on about your own healthy turkey burgers, make them. Do not just buy for convenience. Getting close to food and making your own is not only good for your relationship with food, it makes you more aware of what’s in it. You can control your portions and the calories more.

Try stuffed pepper, burgers, curries, stir fries, soups etc.

7. Enjoy life. If your enjoying life, healthy food and exercising you will be happier. If you want a vodka, have one, but everything in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself, but do think “can i afford to have this?” Or “do I really need this?”

Is there a healthier version my body would like more?

8. Get your family to help you. Let all the family embrace a healthy lifestyle. Kids can benefit from eating healthier, it can help with energy, concentration and brain function.

Getting family involved will also reduce the risk of you being near fattier foods and feel under pressure to eat unhealthy.

Healthier family meals will also be easier to cook at home so your only making one meal not 3 or 4.

You will not pick at the unhealthy leftovers.

Having less junk in the house will also help you when you get a craving. Don’t give in. Tell the family your struggling and let me help you. Being more vocal and not feeling alone is a great tool to help you in your journey.


Try changing your mindset and embrace delicious healthy foods like below.

These are my meals in my healthy lifestyle.


If you need any help or guidance contact me

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