How can I help you?

Being a Personal Trainer is about more than just exercise to me, it’s about education, extending people’s lives, making a difference and a healthy lifestyle. I’m fun, outgoing and friendly. Running is my hobby, keeping active is my life, and I love my job!

I’ve been In the industry 13 years and train my clients in a variety of ways using the extended training methods I’ve learnt.

I train clients with postural and back problems, weight loss, muscle gain, toning, events and competitions, pre and post natal, general fitness, and people new to exercise. Exercise is my passion, so sessions are fun, enjoyable and specific to my clients goals.

Being an advanced back care specialist allows me to help clients that need extra care and attention. This allows clients to train safely with specialist plans for them.

As a nutritional therapist and advanced sports nutrition coach I offer nutrition plans, antioxidant and nutritional deficiencies assessments, as I believe that food and exercise both need to be addressed.

Corrective exercise looks at muscles that are under active and overactive and correcting movement patterns. Posture and the way we move is so important to injury prevention. Many symptoms like back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain can be reduced with a corrective exercise plan. This can help anyone from people new to exercise to athletes.

If you want to discuss anything with me please contact me.