L M 1.0

Love to Move 1.0

This is my new Love to Move fitness and weight loss programme.

I want to help so many people, but also know I cannot reach everyone in person, so have decided to offer my programme to you to do along side me every week. It’s a 12 weeks plan involving 3 weight sessions and 2 cardio sessions. 2 days to rest are essential to let the muscles repair. The sessions can be done in an hour and for those of you who are a little more experienced you may complete the daily plans quicker if decrease rest periods.

First we need to build a weekly plan. This is then repeated for 12 weeks to increase fitness levels and torch some fat. We want to maintain muscle as this will increase calorie burn when at rest. Therefore the weekly plan makes sure all muscles are used in the body.

My 1.0 is where we start, we can then build on this 12 week plan together.

We want to increase your fitness levels and make sure we build from the bottom up.

Intensity levels can be increased, the heavier the weights, the decrease in rest periods and speed can all be adjusted to accommodate your current fitness levels.

This is a plan for every body, impact or no impact, heavy weights, light or body weight, rest for 1min rest for 3mins, it’s all here for you!

So what’s the weekly plan I hear you ask.

Chest shoulders and arms

Back and biceps


LISS cardio and core

HIIT session and glutes

Its a 5 day plan. Having two rest days a week. For those who want to work harder you can do a weights and a cardio in the same day but I still recommend 2 rest days a week. These rest days can be complete rest or Pilates, yoga and stretching.

If you want to sign up to my LM 1.0 please Contact me here