Race day tips

Nerves before a race OK so it’s normal to feel nervous before your race, especially if never done one before. Iv had races where its been raining sideways in Feb. Iv done races where its hills all the way. Done a half marathon on no training (I was young and dumb) under 2hrs tho 😉Ran and had […]


Pilates works on building core strength, increasing flexibility, mobility and balance. The emphasis is on building muscle and strength in a controlled way to improve posture. With mostly low impact exercises used, and tailored to individuals for a low to high intensity once mastered correct technique. Pilates and running Pilates is brilliant for runners to […]

Running Advice

Chase that PB down with these tips. Running can be hard, and we all want to get faster and run further. Injuries, weather, aches and pains can all stop us in our tracks.  In order to get faster and fitter we need essential elements to get us into shape. Strength training  Very important to build […]


Being a Personal Trainer is about more than just exercise to me, it’s about education, extending people’s lives, making a difference and a healthy lifestyle. I’m fun, outgoing and friendly. Running is my hobby, keeping active is my life, and I love my job! I’ve been In the industry 13 years and train my clients […]