Weight loss tips

So you want to lose a little weight but your not sure how to do it. There are so many conflicting articles and media post that you are not sure whether to reduce carbs, reduce fat or calorie count. Here are some simple tips to implement. Then let the weight loss happen naturally and not […]

BBQ season

BBQ time doesn’t have to mean letting the healthy eating slide. Fatty meats and lots of bread, pasta etc can all add up the calories. Especially when enjoying the sunshine with an alcoholic beverage aswell. All these calories extra we don’t normally take into consideration. Are you trying hard to lose weight or eat healthily […]

Easter guide

Easter doesn’t have to mean you put on weight. You can enjoy easter without stressing out about what you have eaten. You can say “No” and here is why you should…. All week I have been telling my clients and gym goers that one class probably burns a creme egg or two max. That’s just […]

Food labels

Ever looked at food labels and wondered what they mean? Today I will be telling you what to look for, and how the traffic coding works. On every product label it tells you the nutritional information. These include calories, carbs, protein, fats, sugars and salt. They sometimes also have a column that tells you the percentage […]