50 Top Tips

Liannes 50 top tips 1. Don’t skip meals, hunger may lead to wrong food choices. 2. Move! Walk to work and move more will increase calories burnt in a day 3. Think about your posture. Stand tall, tummy in and protect your back 4. Try a pilates class 5. Hire a PT 6. Try to […]

Mistakes for healthy eating

Mistakes for healthy eating  We all see the latest healthy eating fad foods, and the media coverage and information can be confusing. Here I have helped to simplify the food that isn’t as healthy as you think. Everything in moderation of course but your diet wouldn’t suffer if you never touched these again. You may […]

Injury and nutrition

Nutrition for injury  If you have an injury your body needs the right nutrients to be able to repair that injury and get stronger. Your bones, ligaments, soft tissue and muscle need to get stronger around the affected area and along with rehab work it’s important to eat the right food to aid recovery, and […]

Tips for fitness success

Tips for your fitness success. Visualise success Have a clear image in your head of how you want to look or perform. Role models are good but make sure they are similar build to you, so achievable. Visualising success helps you to be more motivated, and helps to keep you on track. This is great […]


Talking DIETS. How many diets have you tried? Did they work? Did you gain all the weight again once finished the diet? Firstly diets make us feel we are depriving ourselves. We hate being on them, we can’t wait till they are over, so why do we bother? If they work we tend to put […]

Eating out guide

Eating out Sometimes eating out whilst trying to stick to new healthy eating habits can be hard. I have clients message me all the time asking me to look at menus and help them with options to choose when eating out. This is a great help to them and myself as there PT. I know […]