Returning to the gym

So gyms opening Saturday 25Th July after 4 months of lockdown. Not only will the gyms be different with social distancing, limited numbers and more sanitising. Your workout routine might be too. There are going to be a few different people entering the gyms again after lockdown. People who haven’t exercised in 4months. People who […]

Lockdown diaries 2020

Wow what a year it’s been so far. All the way back in February when we starting hearing (or I started hearing) about this virus I would have never thought we would have gone into lockdown. I had innocently thought it would all be ok and it wouldn’t affect my little world. How I was […]

Family running

So this post is made during lockdown 2020 but maybe shared for many years to come. I just wanted to note that as it’s such a surreal situation we all find ourselves in right now. Running or walking for now is most people’s daily exercise and I have many clients that with the kids being […]


New year new you And for most people that involves some sort of restricted diet. I could whittle on for ages (And I still might) about how this isn’t going to work, why and how you can change that but il try to put it into a short (ish) post.  Did you know that on estimate 80%-95% […]

Will power

So its been a discussion iv had many times with clients over the years. Usually saying how in the beginning of the week or the day, willpower is at its strongest. However as the day/week goes on we find it harder and harder to resist those temptations. Alchohol definitely contributes to loss of willpower. Hence […]